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Available in four stunning colours !

1. The harmonious blend of glass creates a mesmerizing visual appeal, making it a stylish accent in any room.
2. The subtle pearlized finish enhances the overall aesthetic, giving the burner a timeless and luxurious quality.

3. Designed to complement various decor styles, this burner effortlessly fits into modern, classic, or eclectic settings.

4. The well-designed dish efficiently melts wax, releasing your favorite fragrances into the air for a delightful and long-lasting experience.

5. Crafted from high-quality glass, this burner is not just a beauty; it's built to last, providing you with a reliable melting companion.


How to Use:
1. Place your favorite wax melt in the dish.
2. Light a tea light candle in the lower chamber.
3. Watch as the fragrance fills the air, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Why Choose Our Glass Wax Burner?

🌟 Elevate Your Space: Transform any room into a scented sanctuary with the elegance of our Clear and Pink Pearl Glass Wax Burner.


 💖 Thoughtful Gift: It makes for a perfect gift for wax melt enthusiasts, adding a touch of luxury to their fragrance experience.


Glass Wax Burner

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